Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ahhh..... the cold wind of December. The tunes of Christmas dancing in my head. The joy of reflecting on the greatest gift ever given. And to top it off, a break from book work and schooling pressures. This month we are enjoying a more lighthearted approach to learning, which really means playing, creating, relaxing. Thanks to a great sale on a particular curriculum we use, we are awaiting the arrival on some new materials and will begin again in January. With a new plan. Hopefully a better plan. We haven't really remained as consistent with our schooling as I intended. But after reading "Are We Making Progress?" in The Homeschool Minute last week (a weekly e-newsletter from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine), I learned that it is normal to hit a slump about this time of year. Whew! What a relief to realize that it's not just us! So we are taking a break, and putting together a plan to start again in January.

Here's an interesting video link that landed in my inbox this morning:

Blessings of joy and hope to you!

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