Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where to go from here?

After getting off track with our schooling, it's been such a struggle to get back on track. I'm so tired every day. I don't know how to motivate my kids to dive into their schoolwork and finish it without having to threaten some type of punishment. And follow through with it. The threats are not working. They ARE learning. They just don't seem interested in following the pattern set forth in "the books". And I'm exhausted trying to figure it all out and put it into practice. I'm tempted to just let go and see what happens.
Here's an interesting blog about someone who did just that:


JenPB said...

The girls and I are back on track after taking a break. We took our history lesson on the road for 10 weeks (with the blessing of my husband and the financial support of my freelance-writing savings and Grandma), which spiced things up a bit. (There are photos on my blog if you want to see where we went.) Now that we're back to some of the more mundane matters of schooling, I'm trying to keep it interesting with lots of projects that teach the concepts (math in cooking, math in science, writing in any subject, letters to friends and family). Does that help?

Suzanne said...


i just saw your comment on my post and wanted to drop by.

please, please, please be encouraged!

how old are your kiddos?

email me anytime


i'd love to talk to you about how our homeschooling has evolved over the last 3 years. SO much better than before!

Suzanne said...

oh, and for the freebies post i have a friend that runs this site - you might find some gems there!